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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Presentation Makeover!

If you don't get how to do the code things, or how to drag off presentations, just send me a friend request/private stardoll message with your pass in (don't worry, i'm 100% hack free, even ask sugarpixie2240, or whoever's on my 'Makeovers i've done' list.) and tell me what you would like on your pres, and what words you want. If you don't want to send your pass, e-mail me at and just tell me what you would like, then i'll do the code. Once i've done the code, i'll send a reply with the code in, and then you just copy & paste it into your 'edit presentation' box. I don't mind either way. I also do other makeovers. Click HERE to see all of the makeovers I do.


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